About Living With Lifestyle & MS Fighter Kelly Wright

With a deeply personal connection to MS, I have experienced firsthand the challenges and impact it can have on families. As a young carer for my mother with primary progressive MS, I witnessed the struggles and the pain MS causes. My Mum passed when I was 16, through her journey and her determination I felt inspired to raise awareness and support the MS community.

My journey took a turn when I was diagnosed with relapse-remitting MS 12 years after my Mum had passed, completely reshaping my life.

Motivated by my commitment, I have raised over $150k for MS Australia through various initiatives, including community engagement, sponsored events, and even embarking on a memorable journey walking the Great Wall of China. Originally, the Living With Lifestyle brand emerged as a way to raise awareness, starting with a range of casual wear designed to spark conversations about MS and promote everyday awareness.

However, Living With has grown beyond expectations, now encompassing podcasts for education, support resources, and connecting like-minded individuals. My vision extends globally, fostering a community that supports and uplifts individuals with MS through all life's moments.

By choosing Living With, you are not only supporting our community but also directly giving back to the MS community. Profits are allocated to benefit those in need, through nominations of charities or individuals.

Join me on this journey and let's make a profound difference in the lives of those living with MS. Together, we can create a world of support and understanding.